EasyC V4 multiple codes at once

Hi, we are using EasyC V4 for Cortex. Is it possible to have more than one code running at once? so that one code can control one motor completely seperately to another at the same time in autonomous?

Yes, use multiple user functions.

so they can run at the same time?

Within reason yes, if you stall out one of the subroutines it will stall both but they can both control independently control a separate motor.

If you want want to perform a multitasking like feel. See our PID with Interrupt Watcher sample.

I dont understand what you mean, and i dont understand how the PID interrupt sample helps either…

It uses the interrupt handler which allows you to call functions based on a timer event.

You original description was pretty vague, if you could give a better description of what you are trying to do I can help you accomplish your goal.

Its alright, we figured out how to do what we wanted to do with the timer function.