easyc V5 - How to park robot on the ramp with RC

Unable to park robot on the ramp at the end of the match, the wheels are rolling off the ramp
using easyC v5 for programming, and 4 wheel drive
In autonomous mode wheels get locked as after climb up and stays there until the program is turned off
Highly appreciate any help!

It’s not clear what you’re asking.

I guess I understand. From the description, my understanding is that easyC in autonomous uses brake mode for zero motor speed, while when using the drivetrain in teleop mode, the motors don’t brake when not actively driven. In other words, as soon as the driver releases the sticks, the robot rolls down the ramp. motorCoast vs. motorBrake issue.
But I haven’t found enough easyC documentation to know how to set up the braking mode…

I remember from while back (v4) that easyC did not have a way of controlling the brake mode. Maybe its changed now or still same issue.

Sorry for the late reply, I didn’t find the solution in EasyC V5, so my team programmed the driver control program using RobotC. We could not use the default program as our robot has 4 WD and the default was for 2 wd. We created new program in RobotC which is working perfectly. Autonomous programs were created using easyC v5.

Depending on what you mean by “default program”, I’d have two different explanations, but both would say it does support 4WD.
If you mean Drive Controls built-in application, it supports drive train motors on ports 1+7 for left side and 6+12 for the right side.
If you’re talking about RobotC NatLang tankControl() function, it uses all motors marked as “left” or “right” in the device setup, up to four motors for each side actually…