easyC V5

I am wondering if easyC will automatically be able to do v5 smart motors and brains. Will it be able to do it or will I have to buy a new license of easyC V6?

As far as I know, Easy C V5 is only compatible with the Cortex and its motors. It is NOT compatible with VEX V5. On Intellitek’s web site, Easy C V6 is NOT compatible with VEX V5 either.

any recommendations on what programming package to use with the vex v5 equipment?

Here is a complete list: https://vexforum.com/t/advancing-code/49739/1
As for recommendations, what kind of experience do you have?

l can setup basic autonomous with user functions in EasyC, operator control and some sensor routines…my A team has graduated and moved onto college. the master programmer was using robotc. i am not versed in robotc. i would be interested in something blockly oriented.

In that case I would suggest RobotMesh Studio Blockly. I would also encourage you to eventually transition to something like Robot mesh Python which is a language with lots of use in the real world.