EasyC vs. RobotC

Could you guys give me the pros and cons of EasyC vs. RobotC? I know RobotC gives more control over the robot, and that less bugs are found in RobotC than in EasyC, but it is much harder to learn thoroughly and use. So, my question is that is the control that you are giving up by deciding to use EasyC a good trade off, or is it better to learn RobotC? I would have no problem with just learning RobotC if I could find some in-depth tutorials? Do any of you know of any in-depth EasyC or RobotC tutorials?

I have never used EasyC so cannot give you the pros and cons of that, but in my opinion, RobotC is not that hard to learn if you have done a text based programming language before.

For tutorials on RobotC, I normally just search online or ask in the forums, but you can check out this: http://www.education.rec.ri.cmu.edu/products/teaching_robotc_vex/.

RobotC added graphical programming now, so I don’t think you are giving up anything by going with RobotC.

I have used both, RobotC is better in my opinion.

When it comes down to business, they both do the same things.

But anyways. Here it goes:

EasyC Pros:
Somewhat fast
Smaller Download than RobotC

EasyC Cons:
Can have strange ways of doing different things
You don’t learn as much as you could
Less Forum Support

RobotC Pros:
Tons and Tons of Forum Support
Learn Lots
Introduces you to future careers
As @Highwayman said before, RobotC now has graphical programming.
Easy Directory System

RobotC Cons:
Large File Size
Not as simple
Not as easy

(you get the point)

Both are good, pick your poison.

For RobotC Tutorials:



For EasyC Tutorials:

RoboCores, WIP

Mr. Z