Looking at the Intelitek website, there is a new version of Easy C, 2.0. There is no release date but the software seems designed with the VeX competition in mind:

“EasyC™ 2.0 also offers new competition templates to allow you greater control over features such as the duration of autonomous and operator controlled periods, using a transmitter signal to begin an autonomous period. These new templates work with FIRST Vex Challenge competition fields.”

  1. Is this software FVC legal (specifically for the Half Pipe Challenge)?
  2. When will this software be available? How it be available (Radio Shack)?
  3. If it is FVC legal, is there an upgrade path (fee or no) from the current 1.0 version?
  4. Will there be a multiseat license option (see a previous posting by me)?


  1. Yes, easyC will be legal to use for FVC. Version 2 has new features specifically designed for FVC and in class robotics competitions.
  2. In about one week. It will be downloadable from intelitek’s website. Ordering instructions will be posted on the website.
  3. easyC Version 2.0 is an upgrade. It requires a copy of version 1 to be installed prior to the installation of version 2. Version 1 comes with every programming kit, which everyone is required to buy in order to program the Vex robot.
  4. Yes there will be a multiple seat license of easyC available, contact intelitek.**

Ricky Torrance
Electrical Engineer