Can the cd with easyc be installed on multiple computer, or multiple times with the same registration key?
i am soon getting an imac (hopefully) and if not i am reformatting windows to vista, if i install it now, will i also be able to register it on another computer?

You can transfer the license after you install it. You should be fine.

The CD key is a single license of the software, so you can install and use it on only one computer at a time. (Although you can transfer the license to different computers.)

If you get the iMac, and you install Windows via Boot Camp/Parallels Desktop, you can transfer the EasyC license there. Otherwise, if you install EasyC on your Windows computer it will still work if you upgrade to Vista (although you may need to download the latest patch for EasyC on Vista from Intelitek.)

Be careful that you enter the right codes when transfering, otherwise you might lose your copy. Our team accidently entered the wrong code so it got sent to some other PC, not ours though.

Remember the Carpenter/Tailor adage… Measure twice, Cut once…

is there also a way to change the default destination for when saving and opening codes?

instead of #1:
C:\Documents And Settings\Matt\My Documents\Inteleteck\easyC for vex\Projects\My Codes

to something like #2:

D:\VEX Codes

because the bottom one is where my codes are stored
and every time i want to go save or open a code i have to navigate from #1 to #2

(Note: I only have EasyC Pro, so the settings for EasyC 2 may be slightly different.)
Caution: This Involves Modifying Settings Files!** Proceed at your own risk.

Create a backup copy of any settings file before changing settings. Simply copy|pasting and renaming the second copy to something like easyC.ini.old should be fine.

Go into the C:\Program Files\Intelitek\EasyC folder. In this base folder where the main easyC.exe is located, there is also an easyC.ini file. If you open this file in Notepad, there is a line which should say something like

[FONT=“Courier New”]VEXProjectDir=C:\Program Files\Intelitek\easyC Pro\VEX\Projects[/FONT]

You should be able to replace the C:… stuff with D:\VEX Codes. Here’s what I changed mine to (I used one of my external hard drives) just for testing this process:
[FONT=“Courier New”]

When I opened EasyC Pro, and clicked on open, it hung on the “Searching for Projects” screen, and apparently showed no progress of any kind. So I just hit cancel, and the Open file dialog box popped up anyway in the changed location (H:\Programming\Robotics). Apparently, it only hung because it was looking for my previous Projects which did not exist in the Robotics folder.

And I confirmed this again, after creating a new project and going to the Save As menu, H:\Programming\Robotics was still the default location.