EC3 skills

The top 6 skills scores in Kentucky are held by teams from EC3.

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The #1 was scored yesterday.

Quite impressive! I have to ask - how have you seen some of these teams get fence stars into the far zone, as that is required to get such a high driver score?

I can’t speak for OP’s teams, but what I’ve usually seen is that teams will either knock them onto their own side or grab them off the fence with a claw and then throw them over like all the other objects.

6135W gets a couple. None of the other teams have depended on it.

Ben, You need to do a quick edit to 6 as 7&8 are not EC3. That being said, Jason Neagle and his mentors like Ben run an awesome program–4 top 50 and the bad news is the #1 qualifier in Kentucky also EC3 is not on the list above and all seven are going to be at Worlds.

Thank you for the correction. I was reading 6, even though it said 8.

The #1 qualifier from The tournament on Saturday is 4104A. That was their best showing all year. It was a great time for them to hit their stride. Their alliance won the tournament.

Thanks also for the kind words. The program is all Jason Neagle. He’s the educator, and knows what he’s doing. I poke around at edges and help in places where I can. I can fix broken connectors on batteries and chargers, and solder a bit. I’m good at running out for pizza on occasion.

Here are the top 9 from Kentucky. Until late last week, these were top 100. Now, they’re top 102. Martha Layne Collins High School has positions 7 and 8; # 9 is held by a team from Iteration Happens. So congrats to @gcfky; that’s his organization.

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Very impressive!

West Hardin Middle School Team 4431B (which practices part-time at EC3) also posted the highest middle school Skills Challenge score in Kentucky :slight_smile:

Coach Neagle does an awesome job with the Hardin County High School VEX program, and he and his high school students have been an incredible help to our HCS middle school VEX programs!