EDEN Digital Notebook

Our team is considering doing digital notebooks this year. I am specifically looking at the EDEN notebook I see that it has the time stamp recording and once an entry has been made you cannot edit or delete. Has anyone used this program? Pros and cons?

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I was a beta tester this year.

And I really liked it. The software is designed to not let the students edit and keeps time stamps. They can insert images of their bot and their drawings.

When you put the URL into robot events you can just set it and forget it. There’s an option on your end to turn the link on and off, but I’m always afraid that I’m going to forget to turn it back on when needed so I leave it on.

It can’t be lost, and multiple students can work on it at the same time. You can manage who is in what group on your end as well as needed.

Here’s a couple of examples from my students this year.

74801K Engineering Design Electronic Notebook (EDEN)

74801J Engineering Design Electronic Notebook (EDEN)

Here’s the website:

Let me know if you have any other specific questions.


Awesome thank you. Is it possible to print as well? Our local competitions requested hard copies last year. Wish they gave feedback on the notebooks so we knew what areas they need to improve on.

Yes, you would just go the the link above and click print. I print two-sided and two pages to one.

Feedback is a whole other discussion…

Judges are specifically prohibited from sharing their deliberations with teams. There would be considerable value from a teaching perspective if they did so, but it creates problems from a tournament and volunteer-management standpoint.

One thing you can do is to build good relationships with teams in your area with strong notebooks and ask to compare yours in a dialogue where you review each other’s work. If an excellence or design award winner is willing to share, you can learn a great deal.


Here’s how to get feedback and completed rubrics for your students:

• Do any of your students have one or more parents? Or better yet, do you know any other adults, preferably not related to your students? Then you’re all set: these are the people who make up the volunteer judging staff at local and state events. Sometimes, at local events, there are experienced judges, sometimes even “world-championship-trained” judges, but not always, and when there is one, that person will usually become the judge advisor, so they will not actually be conducting the interviews or doing evaluations.
• Get a copy of the judge’s guide (Judge Guide and Judging Documents | REC Foundation ) and print out several copies of the rubric from the judges guide. Basic training for judges is to read the judges guide, and do what it says. Some Judges at local events don’t even get a chance to read the judges guide (I don’t agree, but it’s just how it is).
• Conduct engineering notebook reviews and interviews within you own organization, using the same documents that the volunteer judges will be using at your event.

When you have done the three steps above, you can then ask your volunteer judges for feedback, and review their rubrics. You now have feedback better than you would ever have at an event. Remember: judges at events are ordinary people who volunteer. You can use the same evaluation materials as the event judges. If you complete the above procedure, your team will be better than 90% of all teams out there, and you will do better at your competition up-front, rather than waiting until after a competition to make improvements.

One of the best ways to become a better coach would be to volunteer as a judge at your next event (or at least have one of your kids’ parents volunteer). Then you will fully understand the process, and can better coach your students.

The rules are not going to change (and as both an educator and a World-Championship Judge for the past 6 years, I hope they never do, but that’s another story that probably won’t change the mind of anyone who hasn’t been a judge at states/worlds). There is a big difference between an educator (every student must be evaluated) and a judge (the best team needs to be identified). Be an educator before the competition, so the judges can be judges at the competition.


To add to @kmmohn, we occasionally have a few of our experienced high school students judge at IQ elementary events. It provides a whole new perspective and a better understanding of the process.

Judge Guide (page 7)
Note: Judge Advisors must always be an adult. For local VIQC qualifying events, adults are preferred as Judges, but high school students may be paired with Judges who are adults. …


Talk to all the coaches and event partners. They are the people blocking the feedback. If they say they want to do feedback, then it will happen.

There is an EP and a Coaches meeting in 4 week. Campaign with them NOW so they can bring it up at the meetings. If every roboteer calls their coach and the EPs that ran the events they went to last season or the events they are planning this season, it will signal there is a huge interest in this.

I’d rather see teams work on that vs Flex Wheel memes.