Editing time limit?

I was trying to edit a post I made a few days ago to add some material, and the edit button vanished! Is there a time limit or a number of edits limit for a post?

Yes, I beleve it is 24 Hours. I have run into the same issue…

Thats strange why would they do that?

Probably so if people said something they later regret the post couldn’t be edited to remove it and make everything confusing, but this is the first forum I’ve been on with that restriction. I would be all for changing that!

but can u just totally delete the thread right?

I don’t think you delete your own thread or post. I haven’t found the button for it.

I thought i read that u could whe i joined 3 days ago

It’s entirely possible that you can and I just haven’t found the right place to do it.

thats true