EDR 393 IME Issue

We have a new Vex EDR Super Clawbot configuration with the latest RobotC. We are trying to use the 393 IME’s. We have them daisy chained per the directions.
We can get either motor to work if it is configured with IC_2, but the one with IC_1 doesn’t read the encoder. I have swapped the cables. We are using the sample code from RobotC.

It is kinda hard to understand you exact setup. Can you show the exact configuration (i.e. the code and a word picture of the wiring). Also, incase you didn’t know, I2C_1 is the IME closest to the cortex on the daisy chain.

What does “not reading the encoder” mean? As in, are there nonsensical values showing up in the debugger window, or is the sensor itself not showing up at all?

What color is the light on each IEM?