EDR Competition Template for RobotC Graphical

I have a few teams here in Australia that are trying to use the RobotC Graphical Competition template to program their robots for events. When uploaded to a robot with a competition switch set to driver control the robot will run as programmed, but when the competition switch is set to autonomous the autonomous program will not run. I have had many teams showing up to tournaments with the same issue. I have tested the graphical competition template with some of my EDR teams and have had the same result. Has anyone else found a work around for this? or managed to get the graphical competition template working?

I tested the graphical EDR competition template this morning, I’m not seeing any problems when using the latest version of RobotC for VEX (V4.55).

With the switch set to auton, enabling the robot using the enable/disable switch is allowing the code in the first conditional statement to run. The template does expect the robot to start in the disabled state, it will run the autonomous code every time the robot is then enabled if the driver control/autonomous switch has been set to autonomous.

Perhaps if you could send me an example program with the issue that would help diagnose what you are experiencing.