EDR Super clawbot

When is the new Super EDR clawbot suppose to be released? we see it on the site but there is not link for instructions yet. There are many looking forward to this model so we can experiment with it in class. Let us know please…

I have not seen a product listing for a super EDR clawbot on the VEXrobotics products pages for starter kits. Can you post a link to the description of this product on the site?

No news as of yet, hoping on some maybe later this month, or at the beginning of the next?

The Instructions for the Super Clawbot have actually been online for a couple of weeks now. They can be found under the “Docs and Downloads” tab on this page: http://www.vexrobotics.com/c-c-super.html

Direct link here: http://link.vex.com/vexedr/pdf/super-clawbot-build-instructions


  • Dillon

Thanks! Totally missed it:(

That is great. I can probably get some students to build this for the fun of it.
Given all the sensors mounted on this build, does there happen to be an example RobotC file to go along with this bot?

We may release a “standard model” file as part of the next update. As for a demo program, all my parts are tied up in other robots, perhaps when I have time I can create something simple that does the basics and have someone else test it for me, any volunteers?

I’ll get graphics for a 5S trainer in the next week or two, to complement the current Clawbot 5S trainer. When they are done, they’ll be here: on the VEX Team Virus web page.

The instructions for the EDR Super Clawbot are really nice, what did they use to generate them?

Does anyone have/know the code used to run this robot?

We can do that. We’re just getting ready for KY State, US Open, late season top 50 skills runs, and Worlds. So we’ve got the time.

It looks like a great platform for sensor training, and I’m dragging together emails and write ups I’ve done.

We built a super clawbot. Is the elbow joint supposed be static? They way it is put together, I can’t see how it would be flexible. We triple checked and everything appears to be built correctly.

The elbow joint moves…better quadruple check. Especially the chain/sprocket system through the “shoulder.” It’s a neat chain-bar type of system that allows the motor to not be on the arm adding extra weight.

Should the elbow joint be able to move independently from the shoulder? Unless I’m looking at it wrong, it looks like the sprocket for the chain that goes to elbow is mounted on the shaft for the shoulder.

Going from memory (since I’m at work) the elbow and shoulder are linked by a chainbar mechanism, so, for example, if the elbow was positioned so the “forearm” is parallel to the ground, then you move the shoulder (only), the forearm remains parallel to the ground as the shoulder joint moves. There is a separate motor that moves the elbow by way of moving the chainbar’s shaft in the shoulder joint.

thanks so much …

but what of if i use one motor for each wheel…without using a chain to drive the Omni-Directional Wheel…will that work?