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Good Morning. I purchased Vex IQ super set for my kids and now looking for a structured way to dive into the world of robot building. I see a comprehensive set of resources for educators for $499 on VEX website Is there an individual license price available for families? And if not what are the good step by step resources at a more moderate price elsewhere that will guide our progress. $499 for a school is a very attractive price but for a family it is a bit out of reach.

Thank you very much for your help.

It’s not attractive at a school level either! I just used some of the free resources that were available and then just focused on the competition. The competition is an education all by itself. You can then use the forums for tricks and hints as you go! I would invest in the competition add on kit, for $99 you get a lot of great stuff.

I would look over the design award criteria as if they get into competitions they will regret not starting the season with it.

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VEX IQ Curriculum -

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I agree with the previous reply that is quite a high price for the education course. That’s why I also use different tutorials, articles, blogs.
I like roboshop blog and wikihow tutorial on the robot building topic.

I’m missing where the $499 class stuff is. There used to be a RobotC online class you could take for $499 a long time ago. As far as I can see the curriculum are free. You can buy the teachers guide for $9.99, or print your own. One of Vex’s claim to fame is the free coursework they offer.

You can also use the EDR curriculum. Just pretend the metal parts are plastic and you are good to go.

For RobotC, there is always the CMU curriculum:

Robot Mesh ( has an interesting online introduction to VEX robotics using a programmable VEX virtual robot.