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Hello everyone, I am an educator that is new to the VEX world. I will be teaching a robotics course at the high school level. Being new to all of this, I thought I would reach out to all of you that have more experience teaching using VEX. Would anyone be willing to share an outline of what you cover in class and possibly what activities you have found to be successful?

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V5 or Legacy Cortex?

If V5 - definitely go to and adapt as needed…


I will be using V5 kits

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Competitive or noncompetitive? There are very different answers for each scenario.


I was looking to see how this year went before I joined a local tournament. I would like to have some competitive aspects of the class though. I was thinking a competition would be the capstone project.

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If that’s the end goal, you should start off with small projects. Start off making things like basic chassis and lifts. If there is enough time, have them build a shooter. However, that is more of an end of year project. These three things will always be important in vex and learning them is important if you want to be competitive. TT is a good game to have an end of year competition with. It’s easier to play than other games (in the driving aspect). But it still provides its own challenges. This is just my two cents, take however you please.

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Glad to hear that you are getting started with VEX robotics and the V5 platform. As has been suggested, I would encourage you to take a look at the STEM Labs at Additionally, you can create a teacher’s account in the teacher’s portal to access all of the teacher support materials. These include teacher notes, pacing guides, answer keys, rubrics, etc.

For a more targeted, specific help, please check out our knowledge base at Both the knowledge base and STEM Labs are being constantly updated with new materials.

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