Edward Scissorlift Robot Reveal

Edward Scissorlift V4


Team 383V is proud to present its final iteration of this year’s robot, Edward Scissorlift V4. (We’re in the math division btw)

Edward Scissorlift is primarily a Skyrise robot with the ability to build and cube a full skyrise with time to spare in a match. The robot has a 4 motor mecanum drive geared for speed with a 4 motor lift capable of scoring two cubes on any post and 6 skyrise sections high. The 1 motor chain intake allows us to score on seven skyrise sections as well as de-score efficiently. The skyrise manipulator is a 1 motor swing arm style pneumatic claw capable of a 20 pt autonomous.

An ominous reveal video can be found here: http://youtu.be/SXmxkuqtT0w

Come by our pits and see 383N (Arts), steal some candy, and sign our banner! :smiley:

Very ominous Reveal you have there.
I will certainly drop by your pit before Qualifier 48 tomorrow…

I’m taking that as a compliment, we’ll see you tomorrow…

All of GA qualified teams are waiting for edward scissorlift!!! Met Wolverines, Tucker, South Forsyth, Dunwoody, Brookwood, Carrollton high and Robodragons and other teams today. Can’t wait to see the final iteration of Vikings!! Good luck!!!


Guess you forgot about us :frowning:
Check out our reveal video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swampbotics-reveal:D:D:p:p