Effective Recruiting Techniques for Gaining Committed Members


Our team has been together for roughly 2 years now, but we’re looking to expand a bit (maybe add a couple of members). However, we haven’t really done any recruitment previously, so we were wondering if anyone could offer some advice.

Our team isn’t based from school or anything, so we don’t have a big pool of applicants available to us right off the spot. Additionally, we want to find people who will likely be more committed, as we are a competitive team and we care a lot about robotics.

Could anyone give some tips or recommendations?


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I would advise having an interest meet, and keep track of those who are the most interested. Those who are not as committed will drop out over time, and those who remain will likely be your next batch of official recruits.
Remember, quality over quantity. It’s better to have a few dedicated people than a lot of undedicated people.


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