Effective Scissor Lift Design:

In this year unlike other past years robots require speed and precision. So I decided to make an effective scissor lift combined with a holonomic base. I would say I’m pretty satisfied with my design but I wanted to know opinions of others and maybe help people in need of tips for the scissor lift and anything(literary). :wink:

The robot is obviously not finished i just finished playing with it and it worked perfectly some rubber bands and more stabilisation bars will be added to the scissor lift to make it even more stable. Although it is 100% stable for now I know that when I add the intake and during competitions rubber bands and close attention to the screws won’t be an extra. Hope you like it and get some ideas for your robot. :wink:

I forgot the photos but here they are:
IMG_0689 2.jpg

One thing that my sister team does is they turn the c-channels horizontally rather than vertically. That way, the scissor lift WILL NOT tilt side ways. The only way that happens is when one side of the scissor lift is faster/slower than the other and drags it down.

You probably want to connect the axles of the motors or the size 7 gear to avoid the tilt. Also, it looks like backlash is building up near the top of the scissor lift. Because of this, you want to space the scissor lift sections equally and avoid the delay in the transfer of power when raising so you can have a controlled raise.

How useful are the inner braces on the first stage of the scissor lift?

Connecting the axle for the 84 tooth gear will almost certainly twist the axle.

I don’t know how the lift will do while skimping out on crossbars near the upper scissor joints. Looks a lot lighter than mine, though- keep me posted!

I would also recommend considering to use some elastics, and space them out so they are on each stage. This can also help with the slack/backlash building up towards the top stage.

In terms of connecting it, you might want to run a couple more C-Channels across the two sides or on the top. Connecting the large gears can also help a lot, but it will probably twist a regular axle, so use the high strength ones.

Use rubber bands on every section. otherwise, It looks great!

I never noticed about that although my robot is working pretty well could say. One reason i built it vertically was because of the room for the cubes inside the scissor lift. Remember its 8in cubed therefore i would need as much space as i can in the middle.