Effective Skyrise Scoring Clawbot | Autonomous

Team 9181c’s first version for its autonomous and programming skills run.

It was made within a couple hours to test the capability of a Skyrise Clawbot. This is not the final version of our autonomous run, many speed improvements and tweaks need to be made. It will have a second and third part which stacks two more Skyrise on top. Speed optimizations need to be made in order to get 3 Skyrise on. It runs at 95% success rate right now without a sensor on the arm that rotates the claw. Each tower scored takes about 6-8 seconds from deployment to drop. By speeding up the deployment time and optimizing all other speeds we might be able to do three with a guarantee of 2.

That’s outstanding! I’m always impressed to see a relatively simple robot do amazing things thanks to software and testing.

Just be sure you aren’t touching the SkyRise at the end, otherwise you lose your points. :slight_smile:

Thank you! Yes, this was an initial test to see if it would work or not. The full version of our autonomous includes backing up and grabbing two more Skyrise if possible. Making sure we aren’t touching the post! :slight_smile: