Effects of Noncoplanar Drive Wheels

So what I mean by noncoplanar wheels are drive wheels that aren’t inline like the this:
I’ve always made sure that my wheels are coplanar cause it looks better. But I’m curious if there are any down sides to a set up like this.

You should be good. You might not turn quite as smoothly. Make sure though that the distance between the front and back wheels isn’t the same though or your drive will swerve.

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I doubt this has much of an impact. It definitely doesn’t effect driving forwards, and I don’t think it hurts your turning speed. So if this is the most efficient way to set up your drive, then go for it.


from what i can understand (Especially if they are all omnis) you should be fine.


Sounds like an excellent experiment to try and then document in your engineering notebook!


Whatever added friction you might gain from this drive as opposed to an inline style is beyond negligible. You’ll be fine.