Efficiency of a non square X drive

I’m currently considering building an X drive for Spin Up, however as some have pointed out, if I were to go with 200 rpm, 4in wheels, the front opening for an intake would be able to fit discs, but not by a large margin.

One thing I’ve thought about is either doing a smaller X drive, or a non square X drive and adding guides to the front to push discs into the intake (also would allow me to get the discs on the auton line)

So I’m wondering, what are the effects of building an non square X drive, is it just a little slower than the sqrt2 speed increase expected of an optimal X drive, or does it have other effects that make it generally a worse idea?


I’m currently designing an X drive and it has over an inch of margin on each side of the disc. I think that is sufficient, considering that you intake one disc at time. You can also make flip out intakes that have a larger spread and direct all the discs into the space between the drive.

Why are you of this opinion?


Not really. Expansion limit, remember?


I mean yeah 1 inch clearance either side is a decent amount, but I’m not that skilled of a driver just yet, if it is possible to have some way of having a larger intake, then I’d try that out as well as getting more driver practice to be safe

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Oh true, forgot about that for a minute

why not build an x drive?

Taran I think that building an x-drive is a perfectly viable and fun opportunity. You don’t need to shut them down.

Now back to the topic. I have the same question. I would like my intake to stretch across the full 18" but the x-drive kinda doesn’t make that easy. So making an x-drive that is smaller makes sense, but i don’t know the effects of doing something like that.


A non square x drive should still go sqrt(2) speed diagonally, it will just turn slower. I tried an EXTREMELY non square x drive in tower takeover which I posted on cursed images a while ago, but iirc it drove just fine but with about half the turning speed since it was about double the normal length.

So a inch or 2 different length compared to width shouldn’t make a substantial difference enough to make it not worth doing

Is the turning speed a significant difference? Or is it not really noticeable? Or is it somewhere in between.

I could be wrong on the exact amount, but it seems to be to be a linear relationship. So if one side is 15" and the other is 12" from wheel centers, then it would turn at 80% of the max speed.

Alright I’ll keep that in mind. This was very helpful, thank you

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Also keep in mind that the smaller an x drive is, the faster it will turn. Now that I think about it, it is possible that a non-square x drive just has the turning speed of the largest side if that makes any sense. Still might be even slower than that though, I haven’t taken the time to do the math. But regardless, it’s not a problem to have a slightly non-square x drive

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