Eggbot out of IQ Parts

An egg bot is a robot that you put an egg into. A motor (normally a stepper) spins the egg on an axis (normally the long access). Another motor (a stepper) moves a pen on an arm from up and down the egg. A third stepper moves the pen/arm away from the egg so the egg can be rotated or the arm moved without drawing on the egg. Normally a sharpie marker is used to allow for variations in the egg surface.

At one point I think I saw a VEXIQ build of an eggbot, but unable to find it.

Has anyone seen one? Built one? While timeframes are pretty much blown to get this done by Easter (two days away) I’d like to get a running start on this.


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There was one that used the white IQ balls and wrote on these. I did have one for a while (built by someone else), might still be in the workshop somewhere.


Resources in this link near the bottom.


I could see it holding onto that egg a little too tight and ending up with egg ooze all over the robot!

That’s it, thanks!!!