EGO Parts

What LEGO Parts work with the VEX systems?

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Lego gears have the same pitch as the vex gears. This means the gears will mesh correctly.

The center hole is a little small, you may have to push a little to get the shaft to fit.

I have not tried any of the Technic parts, but if the shaft fits in the gears center hole, I would think in would fit in the Technic parts also.

I have run into a couple of gears that don’t quite fit but for the most part they do fit on vex shafts. The problem is spacing though. I think it is 6 to 9 where 6 vex holes equals 9 lego holes. This creates some strange alignment issues. What I have done in the past is to create lego gear blocks with input and output shafts that line up with the vex holes and bolt them into place.


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the lego universal joints fit the vex axle


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