Weird game rules of 16th China Adolescent Robotics Competition

China Adolescent Robotics Competition is the greatest youth robotics competition in China,held by Chinese government. It is held on July 25 this year.
However,just before the competition starts, players were told that the game rules have been changed. Now all balls were placed on the field at the beginning of the game and there aren’t any preloads at all.It’s really wried and interesting,isn’t it?

I’m wondering if this kind of change proper, especially for such a official competition registered on Any change of rules is ought to announce ahead of time, instead of announcing when the competition starts. And I don’t know if it’s OK to hold such a official competition without following the official game manual. But maybe it’s a good way to recognize the “fake teams” who actually bought complete robotics with the students having minimal or no participation at all, cause it require students to write the autonomous program and make their strategy just on the field.

What’s your opinion?

Uhh, this was for last year’s game, but there are about 2-3 times more balls on the field than there should be. I believe VEX should be notified of this ASAP.

I think they are just using all the preloads on the field, if you count the new totals are still at 94 normal and 10 bonus. It’s definitely not legal to qualify for events like Worlds, but since Worlds already happened, maybe this setup is acceptable? But I second the need for some admin to take a look at this.

@Drow @Karthik

@Andrew Chang Chill its late season. I don’t even think it’s registered. There’s nothing wrong here. :confused:

Oh rip its on robit events.

I mean it’s not that big of a deal but they shouldn’t be registering it as a “Nothing But Net” competition

lmao why is it 10K to attend. Seems a bit overpriced, don’t you think?

@phantom285A The tournament was invitation competition, only qualified teams invited to participate. I think they do it to prevent teams from registering and then add the invited teams manually. So actually it is free to attend.

@Nil pretty sure you can do that without making it overpriced. I fear that someday there will be a misunderstanding and somebody will be down 10 grand

I like it, good off season twist to last years game. Keeps teams from just being parked in the corners and lobbing balls into the high goals. I’m going to guess that there was some more defense going on, would be fun to watch.

You can make the amount too much, you can also close the registration off early to keep people from registering.

All in all, not a big deal, so not sure what the fuss is about.

Correct. Obviously official qualifying events must use the official current season game rules. However, non-qualifying events (i.e. scrimmages, post-season events, etc.) can play with whatever rules they like. It is common for event hosts to play their own variants of existing/old games. Frankly, I’m really intrigued by this change (similar ones were discussed by the GDC during the design process) and can’t wait to hear about how it turned out!

Super hoarding strategy for the win! Wonder what field reset was like?

is there any videos of some of the matches at this event?

I think setup would be easier, since you have other balls supporting the three ball pyramid (and I still get get over how stupid that part of NbN was).