Elastic Launcher?

Has anyone decided to go with a elastic powered spatula lift, if so, are you using rubber tubing or regular elastics.

Hi @Jay Rob Starstruck welcome to the Vex forums. I would suggest you check out some other threads on this forum. You’ll find a decent number of catapult ‘spatula’ bots. Also check out YouTube and search around there. The main catapults at this time in the season are the ones by 8059D, ri3d, and @LEER all of which have videos up on YouTube.

By the way, look out for our teaser on YouTube coming soon on channel “1815 Delta II.” It should be coming tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Keep a keen eye at our logo and once it’s done turning into a “rainbow-like” color, the reveal is out :).

Connor W.

Looking forward to it!