Electric Linear Actuators

Anyone know where to get good price Electric Linear Actuators? I can only find industrial application ones and they are 500-700 dollars.


dont use vexers know how to find robotic parts!?! when i need to find something i got down my bookmarks, robotshop, hvwtech, jameco, etc…

anyway heres some links:
i espcially like these:

vexers, like myself, do make other robots other than vex…:smiley:

hmm…you may want to check on that! i know a lot of vexers, do, search my recent poll, “other than vex”

espcially FRC

oh wait sorry, i though you said do not, brain misfunction! sytanx error! :smiley:

Thanks for the help!

your welcome, what we’re here for :smiley: