Electrical Inspection

Hi, I want to ask if it’s normal that in my country during inspection, there is not an electrical inspection.

I assume you’re referring to the last item on the VRC Robot Inspection Checklist, “PTC Verification Testing”. In my experience, this testing does not take place at most tournaments.

Same here. I have never seen PTC testing done. However, I assume it will take place at Worlds and some regional competitions.

Thank you

Typically PTC verification testing isn’t done at the local level, where teams, especially new ones, are generally good about their PTCs. If anything, expect it definitely at the World level and possibly the state/regional level. For Tennessee here, we do PTC checks at the state championship.

That doesn’t mean that a team can’t complain about another team’s PTCs (or lack thereof, for that matter), and I’ve had to do a special check on a team once at my high school’s December tournament because another team complained about how the former’s robot was unusually fast. Testing came up negative for tampering and I cleared them to continue competing, where they went on to become tournament champions.

@AppleDavidJeans And how did you test it?

Hey, guess what? I wrote an article about this too: Competition Inspection: PTC Test

Official PTC testing guide