Elevated Cap?

Lets say a blue robot is touching the foam tiles and has a cap facing red side up elevated above the field and the cap isn’t touching the ground, does that cap count for red points or no points

Side note, would this scenario be different if the robot stated in the example is on a platform not on the foam tiles

I assume the scoring will be like In The Zone where objects interacting with scoring elements will result in no score, but this is a question that would be good to suggest to the future Q and A. Are you stating this as a defensive action or a about to flip over but out of time situation?

I want clarification for a few reasons

  1. This could be used as a defensive action

  2. Yes, if you don’t have enough time to flip it over so could you just pick it up and deny points instead of a point swing

  3. Also if you could elevate a cap with your own color facing up would that count as points, and the opposing alliance couldn’t de-score it

Let’s check the rules.

  1. Yeah

  2. Yeah

  3. Nope