Elevated Field Platform

Has anyone used these stage risers for an elevated field platform? They were mentioned in old posts, but didn’t see opinions form anyone who used them. Wondering how they are working. I would like to use the risers with 1/2" OSB on top.

These are a nice idea, but they are designed to hold rigid platform sections. 1/2" OSB will need to be supported with a minimum of a 2x4 on edge on 24" centers to be strong enough, so you would need to build 4’x4’ platform sections onto a grid of 2x4 lumber to sit on these risers. By the time you completed that, you might as well build an entire wood riser set.

Here are an assortment of field riser designs, which have all be “field tested” by various people in one way or another. Field Riser Plans - updated links
If cost is the biggest factor, I would suggest building from the “VRC Wood Field Riser Plan”.

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