Elevated Field

The coaches and a couple students from the Clawson Middle School Robotics Team worked very hard to build an elevated playing field! This field will allow storage beneath the field, as well as properly display our newly purchased field perimeter! The wood was gracious donated by John’s Lumber, a local lumberyard in Southeast Michigan. We weren’t able to completely finish today, but check out what we accomplished!

Let us know your thoughts and comments! We’d love to here them! :cool::cool:

Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/zqIBw

Looks really solid.

Are the four quarters separate-able? Do you need to take the sheets off to do that?

And what thickness OSB did you use?

Thanks for the reply Kevin!

We made these four 6’ quadrants to ensure that it would be solid. They are separate-able. Each quadrants is bolted to the one next to it, to create more of a single platform. To separate them, the OSB would need to be removed, and the quadrants would need to be unbolted. We wanted to make them separate-able, incase we ever had to move the platform out of our robotics room- however we did not want to plan on ever disassembling it… fingers crossed.

The OSB that we used was 7/16" thick. It’s definitely solid!

I’ve attached the materials list that we created as well.

Thanks for the questions!
MaterialsList.pdf (255 KB)

Don’t forget the stairs!

Some premade stringers and a few more pieces of wood can shore that up real quick.


3 of these and some boards for the steps should not add too much to the overall cost. It also makes it a ton safer.

Looks very nice! It gets some experience for worlds too;)

Thanks for the tip! Just added some new images with our progress today :wink: (http://imgur.com/a/zqIBw). We were able to use scrap wood that we had to create some stairs in the back of the field. They look great!

Thanks! We hope so :slight_smile:


Quick question for anyone with the field perimeter, or that has put one together…


Do the edges of the tiles go beneath the perimeter? We did a quick fitting to see how everything would assemble, and it seems like they have to go beneath so the edges are hidden- however it does not seem like its fully underneath the perimeter?

I’m sure we are overcomplicating things…

Our measurements are 11.5" from the field to the top of perimeter and 12" from the ground (outside field) to the top of perimeter… sound correct?

I didn’t see anything really explaining this assembly that includes the tiles. (probably too self-explanatory… LOL). Thanks everyone!


No, they do not. You have to cut down the tiles so that they fit inside. If you have the newer tiles, I believe you just cut off about half of the tabs. If you have the older tiles, it’s more, which is annoying. :frowning: I believe it says how much to cut them by somewhere in the perimeter instructions.

Great job on the field. My school’s seniors made one last year before graduating and everyone here is grateful for it. The elevated field practice can make a world of difference in the advantage you have against other teams. And recently the middle school in my area held a competition and the matches there were all played on an elevated field.
For others who are interested in making elevated fields but do not want to build it, you can buy 4’ x 8’ tables and arrange them in a ring and place a large 4’ x 4’ plank of wood with legs in the center to support the middle tiles. Not the best use of your money as making your own is cheaper but requires more work. The middle school just used the lunch tables so they didn’t spend any extra money.