Elevated Fields at Worlds

So I’ve heard that the fields are elevated two feet at the 2013 Worlds Competition. I’m concerned with this because I happen to be the coach on my team, and I’m not that tall. Would it be okay to bring something like a step stool to stand on just to increase my height so I can have proper interactions with the robot? Thanks in advance!

All competition fields will be on 24" platforms during World Championship.

Here’s what the Game Manual has to say, on page 16:

“Field Height: At many tournaments the playing field will be placed on the floor. Some tournament organizers may choose to elevate the playing fields by up to 36”. For safety reasons, no drive team members will be allowed to stand on any sort of object during a match, despite the presence of raised fields.”

I look forward to seeing your team in Anaheim.

Okay, thank you!

How about wearing extremely tall high heels?