Elevation Points

When scoring the elevation points is it based on which tier you get for example if you get D or above you get 20 but if you get A you’ll get 5 but they are the only ones who are elevated or is it Comparative to others where if there are only two people elevated and they scored a C and an A the person with the C gets 20 and the person with the A gets 15.

To stop the many replies that say “read the game manual”, I’ll post that first.

It has pretty pictures that answer your question.


sorry me and my mentor were having an argument about this I know that it is the relative height and to prove it to him i posted this

From the manual

<SC6> Elevation points are comparative

The highest-Elevated Robot will receive the highest number of
Elevation points, followed by the second-highest, and so on.

(note, robot skills is scored differently to a normal match)


ok thank you for finding this

Goshdarn, @jpearman beat us to the chase.