Elevation Scorekeeping Program

Attached is a small program to keep score in Elevation. It was written by one of our team members.

The file is an installation executable. Because this site will not let you upload an “.exe” file type, it was renamed “.c”. You will need to rename the file back to an “.exe” type.


–Bill Wiley
ACME Robotics, VRC Team #12
Elevation Scorekeeper.c (218 KB)

Looks excellent… Thanks for sharing this with the Vex Universe.

Looks great nice and simple.

Thanks, it will help in our practice matches!

Uh, when i download it, and i switch it to .exe , the cmd window pops up really quickly and then it goes away…? help?


If the command window is opening when you attempt to launch the exe version of the file, my best (and only) guess is that the header info which windows uses to determine the executable type is corrupt. Try downloading the program again.

–Bill Wiley

I noticed it does not have a warning for the following bad data entry.
Marking 1 goal owned shows a score of 5 points, but I don’t think you can own a goal without also scoring at least 1 cube for that goal.
Rule check would be that #cubes_score >= #goals_owned

This is simple and easy to use. Thanks!