Elevator for transporting parts - Elevador VEX IQ Robotics

:globe_with_meridians: :robot: Hey guys!!

Another project is completed!
:point_right: This is an elevator built to transport the ball, the original dimension of the ball is equal to the size of a table tennis ball.
Technical information of the sphere:

  • Material: 100% Polystyrene
  • Length: 38mm
  • Color: Mixed Color

Projeto VEX IQ Máquina Integrada - VEX Robotics Design 2021

:pushpin: The total height of the Tower is 900 mm - all CAD data is available in this post, feel free to download the model and implement your changes if necessary.


Very cool.

How long did it take you to design and make?


Hello Stuart! Thank you for your question! :globe_with_meridians: :mag_right: :robot:

Well, this construction took 3 weeks to be built with 2 hour meetings for 5 days.

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Have you found a fun use for it, like make it into a fountain? I can imagine it being a field element in a future game where the balls fall on the field periodically.

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Perfectly @StuartV , she is currently transporting balls in a row of machines that our team is building for a possible exhibition in the future!

It can also fulfill this information that you mentioned it seems like a great idea for a future game. :ok_hand: :robot: