Elevator Lift Gear Ratios

I’ve been building a 4 stage elevator lift, this is version 2, and I’m not sure what gear ratios others have had success with in the past. If youre familiar with 7702 Talus, my lift is somewhat similar to that. I apologize for not having pictures as my robot is at school while I’m on thanksgiving break. My lift will be powered with 6 393 motors geared for torque, reminiscent of 1103, by the way. Also I’m not sure if this is the right forum.

I’m using 12 tooth sprockets with 5 393’s geared internally for torque. my lift is steel and it still works fine.

That’s great to hear and makes me more confident in my lift. How high does yours go? we can reach 6 or 7 skyrises depending on where we put our claw, but we’re still deciding on the placement. We came up with a great passive claw that lifts skyrises and cubes the other day and I’m eager to try it out!

5… almost 6… we have a needle intake and it is within 1/2 inch of of stacking 6 ,but if you have a claw you should be able to 6… I think. By the way what kind of a claw do you have, is it passive?:confused:

We have like two small c channels with spinny thingies and a rubber band so you push on the yellow thing and it magically works then you put the thing on the yellow base thing and the thing lets go.
Kinda like This, but better cuz we’re awesome lol

Okay… We know exactly what you are talking about???

In all seriousness, we think we’ve come up with something really great and just arent ready to share it yet. being able to lift two cubes as well as a skyrise all passively is pretty rare as far as I’ve seen. But the video I linked is somewhat similar to ours if you don’t know what I’m getting at (which you probably wouldn’t from my explanation lol)

I’m running 6 393 motors internally geared with turbo gears. Our lift is mostly aluminum besides the sliders and a pneumatic tank (on the lift, yes) and it lifts pretty well.