Elevator Lift Help

Would an elevator lift be able to lift a robot up the pole? I have never really toyed with the idea but wondering from other’s experience how much weight they can hold.
Also if anyone has any designs they would like to share that would be appreciated

I need a linear lift for our robot which also has a small form factor, as most of our robot will incorporate a shooting mechanism.
An elevator lift would be for the sole purpose of reaching the top of the fence and the top of the pole.

**I would use 1103’s tossup robot as an example of this being done right.
1103 Currahee’s flickr page

I haven’t personally tried to make something like that, but as long as there’s no sideways force, high strength chain could be able to hold 50 pounds. I doubt that your robot will even be half that weight, especially if you want to hang.

Those are all things we will be testing.

I will have to look at that in more detail

Our motor distribution will probably be:

4 Motor base
4 Motor Catapult
4 Motor lift


4 Motor Base
6 Motor Catapult
2 motor Lift


4 motor base
4 motor Catapult
2 motor lift

We are still deciding as we wait for parts

erm. first timer here. i thought of an two bar that could hang by moving the base forward and hooking on the bar. and my arm would just go up. so it would be closed upside down, no pictures for now as i have a competition for starstruck next week.

how do we make a robot like 1103’s tossup robot compatible for the 2016-2017 Vex competition, Starstruck?? Please reply as soon as possible as I need to make that robot for my school competition!!!

Uhhhhhh what robot?

look at the video above, please. It is the 1103’s tossup robot.

you can take a look in the following link.

I believe this is 1103’s ROUNDUP robot, not tossup. Hence @tabor473 saying “uhh, what robot?”

ok, then how can we modify it to suit Starstruck??

That is a really vague question and almost impossible to answer. It completely depends what you want your robot to do. There are several ways to approach this game.

and they are??

Throw stars across - Either with slip gear, choo choo, or more traditional catapult.

Dump stars over - Some sort of mechanism that can lift and then dump star(s).

Push stars across - You can simply push stars on either side of the fence.

Wallbot - Don’t score, just build a giant wall so other team hopefully cannot.

Hang - You could attempt hanging or forgo it completely in hopes of getting the last few stars across before time expires.

Don’t forget, somehow you have to actually pick the objects up (this didn’t even mention cubes at all!).

I have no idea what you are really asking. You need to ask a specific question if you want anyone on these forums to be able to help. We would love to help … but saying “how do we make 1103’s robot compatible with this years game?” is not actually a real question.

Throw stars and cubes in the far zone and also high hang. Is it possible or are there any other designs to consider? Sorry for the confusion as I am new, just joined yesterday.

If only there were other threads where people talk about ideas of ways to throw stars and cubes into the far zone and also high hang…

That is the entire object of the game. People are not going to just give you a word for word guide on how to design a robot to play the game. The point of robotics is to build robots. Design, engineer, build, test. If it sucks, try again. Repeat process until good. Coming onto the forums and asking how to “Throw stars and cubes in the far zone and also high hang” is a complete non starter.

if you have a specific question or need help with something you are trying to build the community will be glad to help. But we can’t tell you how to build the entire robot. You need to try, then come to us with a SPECIFIC question. For instance “Hey guys, I am constructing a catapult and have attached pictures below. I am in need of some help with my slip gear design. It doesn’t seem to shoot far enough, any suggestions as to how to make it go further?” That is a question that you will actually get help with.

Use the search tool. Almost all of the things you want have been discussed somewhere.


this is what we did…(we are the red alliance)

@Zach929Y How did you get the rack and pinion to lock after you lost motor power?

Well you see… That is for other people to figure out… All i can say is that it is easy and simple to achieve.

One potential solution might be to have the pinion gear “fall off” the rack at the end, so that it wouldn’t be able to pull down at all. Alternatively (though I don’t think the robot in the video used this), you could always do a simple pneumatic lock.