Elevator lift system

Hello and thank you for the help in advance! The thing is my team likes to map out what we should have accomplished by each tournament we go to and one debate we had focused on elevator lifts. (Actually it was a bunch of different lifts but no matter…) Since I live under a rock my computer, I have know idea how it works. If someone could please explain to me how it works that would be great!!

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(Feel free to think this is completely stupid. You don’t have to answer.)

Just to clarify, are you trying to figure out how to build an elevator lift? Or are you more going for just a conceptual explanation of an elevator lift?

I think these two threads would be good places to start.


This image really helps with the idea behind an elevator lift. It also lets you know the difrence betwwen these 2 kinds of elevator lifts.

This helped me a ton when I was CADing mine :slight_smile: .

(from Chief Delphi forums)

Possible lifts for skyrise:
Elevator, scissor, reverse double 4 bar (Danny’s lift), revised bar lift, 6 bar, 8 bar, or even a 4 bar or a single arm may perform exceptionally in early season.

I started to look into elevators in March this year. Took me a while to understand. But it is definitely an exceptional lift choice if you are looking for stable, linear motion with speed linearly proportional to motor rotation speed. Few examples to look into:

1103 round up reveal video
7702 sack attack competition video
5203 toss up Georgia state championship final 2 (they are my friend team!)
REX host skyrise series that just came out. A few nice elevators in those videos.
I remember there are a few clips of one in New Zealand’s toss up wrap up video
And check out BNS website; there’s a good picture of one there.

Edit: 356B just released their video few days ago. May take a look.

I am trying to build one.

If you wanted to use it, my team from 2 years ago (7702), built an elevator lift for sack attack. Recently we released all of our information on the lift in the form of a google drive folder. The release included all of our notes, a digital version of our engineering notebook, copies of all of our CAD files for the robot, as well as all pictures and video that we may have taken throughout the season.

This thread does a vague reveal of our robot:

This link will take you directly to the google drive folder:

Just to clarify, rd4b and hybrid loom lift are two different types of lifts.

Also, a double 4 bar may also be a good idea.

A hybrid loom lift?

The reverse double 4 bar and hybrid loom lift (sometimes known as Danny lift?) are two different types of lifts.