Elevator Lift

I was thinking of looking into an elevator lift, but I have only seen some pictures so I don’t have a full understanding yet.

When it comes to an elevator lift, are the new or old linear slides the best? I don’t like how the new ones have plastic but I really hate the idea of using steel on a lift.

Also, is it possible to use the thin 1x2 c channels when building this lift? Or is it only applicable with the 1x5 c channels?

Lastly, in your opinion, is string or chain better? Are there significant pros and cons with one over the other?

Thanks for helping! :slight_smile:

Just a correction, it’s 1X2 c-channel.

Old slides definitely work well. We’re investigating the plastic ones.

Yes, it’s possible. But unless you do some super minimalist lift (at which point begin to lose stability), the 1x2 c-channels will weigh more because there’s actually more metal: 8 rows of metal plus standoffs vs 7 rows of metal with no extra standoffs. Also, you’d have to worry about more screws inevitably coming loose over time.

I have never heard of or seen string being used, so I’m going with chain is better.

Are you building a continuous or a cascading elevator?

I haven’t started building yet. I think I was going to try a continuous lift.

Is one better over the other usually?

Ok, I think usually the more successful lift is a continuous lift. I’m not sure exactly why, but my best guess would be that the more stages on a cascading, requires more torque than the previous stage. eg: 4 stages takes more torque than 3 stages.

When we created our elevator lift in Sack Attack, we used a continuous design. We found that our continuous lift was very successful, however I am not discouraging a cascading design. I would say that both have their perks, but the continuous is a bit easier to work with. This year, our team is using a continuous design once again, but it is mainly up to you to decide which design you fell would be easier to work with.

yes you can totally use 1x2 c channels and in my opinion its easier to find i use 1x2x1x5 segments and i have 2 pieces on one new 17.5 slide. if you do some digging i posted my whole design or at least till the thread died out on someones post about linear lifts.

My group made a channel lift in currently month. We found that when it’s completely beat it takes a massive volume of get-up-and-go to move it to begin.