eLua - Lua for the cortex

Since there are now two ways to extend and expand the Cortex, I’m going to work on the third, making eLUal run on the Cortex

Back in my early years as “Rock Star System Developer” :rolleyes: , on a regular basis I’d include TCL as a way to on the script things on the fly. (Which soon was script things, don’t use the base code" Think of it as a Visual Basic Addon in Excel, but in the middle of a major systems application.

In the last few years I’ve ditched TCL (sob, but TCL programmers don’t exist, C and Java programmers do) for LUA (more people can use it. ie C and java people) So my basic hello world program, now includes LUA and you can script away.

A number of FRC teams have used LUA, the Greyhound project tied LUA to the CRio with pretty good success. Some teams posted their code that they were happy with.

So I’m on a quest to get eLua, small footprint Lua on the Cortex from VEX and some other platforms. eLua does not have all the libraries, you can include them, but 128K is not much space.

I’d like a discussion on how you used Lua and won, how you used Lua and failed (and nonposts from people saying you should use xxxx, Lua is stupid) So if you have used Lua, post please. I’m thinking coding the WPILibrary API’s from the PIC days, lots of good interfaces that are simple to use.

But before I mount my horse and tilt at another windmill, let me get grounded in robot versions of Lua. From a app developer, it’s a great addon with small footprint. I can avoid the compile-link-download binary steps, but I risk syntax errors at the Lua level.

I post mostly on http://chiefdelphi.com , feel free to wander over and join the talks. They are mostly FRC, but they are all high end engineering and high end geeks.

Have you found any good Lua tutorials that you have liked?

As a sidenote to get all you Minecraft fans to like this project: There’s a Computercraft mod that allows you to program mini robots in Lua. (But don’t talk about that on this thread–open one in chitchat.)


So the best book I have is Programming in Lua.

The best tutorials are the ones that come with Minecraft addon’s. :rolleyes:

Post the one about the Minecraft robot, maybe I’ll grab that for my API (or is that the regular builder?). I’m presently thinking about cloning the RobotC interface or the WPI Library interface for the PIC.

One of the reasons to pick Lua is stuff like Minecraft. Lots of new roboteers know Lua coming into VEX.

So I’m up for interfaces to the Cortex, I’d like an easy-peasy API, I like the one that was in the WPI-Library for the PIC, but I could go for one from Minecraft.

This is the site for the Computercraft mod for Minecraft. I haven’t had a lot of time to look into it, so I can’t really tell if it’s using Lua just straight up, or if it’s modified at all.

Some API-looking stuff can be found on its wiki. I can see a lot of people being more interested in programming VEX if it was something they had already picked up from playing a video game. :stuck_out_tongue: