Emergency HELP needed! Robot won't go straight!


Our team had to take their robot apart and when it was put back together, it will not run straight. They have turned motors over, they have switched out motors, but no idea why it was working and then not.

WE have a tournament on Saturday and they have been working on this for two days and this is our last scheduled workday.

I’m not in IQ, but the basics apply. look for the wheels rubbing other parts of the robot, which would cause friction, slowing one side down. just look for anything that rubs or causes friction, and try to fix it.

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Thanks, Not working.

Check to make sure all the wheels are the same distance from the body. Make sure they are all the same size as well. Then, check the motors to see if one runs slow. If worse comes to worse, create a custom drive program to make the slow wheel move as fast as the others.

If you use chains, check that they are all the same length

Why did they have to take robot apart? My teams have been bit by wanting to redo whole robot the week of, or during competition (yes, even at Worlds!).

In future, put freeze on robot rebuilds one to two weeks before competition and spend that time practicing, programing and tuning.

It will work out - worst case, other teams at competition will help out in real time.

So best advice is keep it simple - put bot on box and check all motors are driving their respective shafts, feel for wheels exhibiting more friction than others (you can tell if robot pulls to right, then right side of drive may be at fault).


to simplify everything, make sure both sides are perfectly identical, including motors. as long as they are, there shouldn’t be any reason why one side is slower than the other.

Well, we didn’t HAVE to take it apart.
I just didn’t want to embarrass the individual who did this.
I do have a type of “Freeze” on changing the robot too much before a tournament.

They were just supposed make adjustments to the front of the robot after their first tournament.
He was frustrated and was trying different things and the other coach and I turned around to help the other team, and he just took it apart.
We only have time to meet 3 days a week, so they finally got it totally back together on Tuesday, and today was the last day to work. They have been trying for the last 2 days to figure out why the robot only goes in a circle, forwards or backwards.

We are packed up for the tournament.
I told them, hopefully they can figure it out on-site now.
That’s all there is to it.

THANKS, Everyone!

Happens many times every season (we field 6 VRC teams - it is a learning curve, and they have to learn over and over.

I do believe teams in the Pit will help them out - kids are pretty amazing at competitions.