Emergency question

Can we extend our robot horizontally over 18 in ??? And can we extend our robot vertically any where we wants ???

The game manual can be found here: https://link.vex.com/docs/vrc-turning-point/TurningPoint-GameManual

The explanation of expansion is found in <SG2>

If you need more help after reading the manual, I’m sure members of the forum will be happy to assist.

First off read the manual,
Second off here’s the answer you want…According to <G3> your robot must remain in a 18x18x18 inch cube before the match begins, however, once the match begins you may extend your robot horizontally up to 36 inches anywhere on the field but, your robot must remain within 18 inches vertically until your robot is within the expansion zone and you must return back to 18 inches vertically before you leave the expansion zone.