encoder counting and onscreen feedback

I am working on a project and need some help. I am using a vex wheel encoder connected to a shaft which I need to see # of revolutions and RPM on my computer. I was thinking I could do this through the real time link with the controller. I really have no idea where to start and I have a signifigant time crunch on this. Also what is the max RPM that the encoder can detect, I am planning on using it at about 450 RPM.

I can get you the code for this tomorrow, when I’m at school. From what I remeber you intitialize the shaft encoder. Then you do something like int x = get shaft encoder. Then you use the print to screen command. Hope this helps.

Have you downloaded the Test Code from Vex Robotics???


Vex Sensor Test (zip, 10-10-05)
We do not provide support for these sensor tests or the code written for the tests. This is provided only as an example of code to interface with some sensors. It is left up to the user to find the corresponding code for a sensor in the test code provided. The test procedure provides a quick go/no-go test for the following VEX sensors: Light Sensor, Line Follower Sensor, Ultra-Sonic Sensor, and Optical Shaft Encoder. The test procedure and code can be used to verify if a sensor is working.