Encoder Problems

Hello, I was testing out a re-run autonomous using encoders, and they were giving very unreasonable values. I would drive the robot across the field, and the encoder would read 23, and one encoder consistently read 0. What could be some reasons that this happens?

Have they worked well before? Could they be getting cleared at some point in the code?

Make sure there are green lights coming from the encode

Here’s an encyclopedia on how encoders work, essentially a summarized, encapsulated version, in layman’s terms, of everything I could find on the VEX forum about encoders. Understanding how IMEs work (which is unique in the VEX universe of gadgets) can be helpful in figuring out where things might be going wrong. (And “where things might be going wrong” is covered extensively in the above “encyclopedia” too.)

A troubleshooting method from @jpearman that I found quite helpful is the 2nd comment in this thread.

One thing that I noticed with IME’s and Quad Encoders was that if you tightened the screws too much or if you tightened them unevenly it can throw off the measurements, same thing potentiometers.

@7447C Twisted Wire - thanks for the reminder! I have added a sub-section to the “What can go wrong” part of the post to include the too-tight screws information (and also black-and-white gear being dirty, which other forum users have mentioned).

Also added @jpearman troubleshooting instructions to the bottom part, of what to do if you’re stuck with IMEs and can’t switch to something else.