Encoders flywheel v5

I was wounding how I would program Encoders with V5 that I attached to a flywheel after the gearing. Is it possible to change the motor speed so they match each other so the ball flies straight? Can you change a motors speed mid-competition?

Thank you!

You could code another button to run said motor at a different speed. On a V5 flywheel you shouldn’t actually need an encoder because the motors have a thing built-in that measures rotations (or something like this). If your flywheel has a ratchet you will need an encoder, but V5 motors also have the coast function so ratchets aren’t needed.

Do you really not need a ratchet if using the coast function, I thought coast would still allow energy to be sent back into the motors and potentially damage them.

Actually, my team has only experienced the motors being damaged once, and that was a coding issue. If you just stop your code and let the flywheel spin, it does not really hurt the motor (although you think it would). However, the coast function is much safer and works perfectly.

There may actually be some sort of switch within the motor to cut off the coil from the rest. That would explain why leaving a motor in coast feels different than leaving it in brake after the power is disconnected and you play with it by hand. If there is something like that, then there is no route for current to follow so pretty much energy will only get removed from the flywheel via friction, and the motors are perfectly safe. I can’t say for sure that that’s how they handled it, and I still haven’t gotten a reply on my question in the official forum from quite a while ago, but it seems likely.

I still want to use an encoder after all the gearing so if one side has slightly more friction they both still spin at the same speed. Asenchaly I want them to spin the fastest they can but both at the exact same speed. So to do this they have to activly change there speed to corect for the other wheel and I dount know how to code this.