End-game scoring using a projector

Introducing Projected Augmented Reality Scoring Engine (PARSE)
Live Demo - PARSE (Projected Augmented Reality Scoring Engine) - YouTube

Scoring Spin Up’s endgame is complex and time consuming. Placing physical colored markers is the popular method currently in use (poker chips, cones, etc.).

We have created a working proof-of-concept system that replaces physical markers with digital ones using a Projected Augmented Reality Scoring Engine (PARSE).

Once a match completes and requires scoring, a grid of digital tiles is projected on the field, driven by a Raspberry Pi. The digital to physical tile ratio is 1:1. Any device with a browser on the same network as the Pi can update each digital tile to the correct color based on the team(s) that scored on the physical tile.

Gray is unscored, red and blue are scored by respective teams, purple is scored by both teams, and black are tiles not capable of scoring.

Another use of PARSE happens after a match is scored, and the field is reset. By projecting an image, game elements can be placed with precision. This is helpful for resetters who may be unsure of the correct placement of game elements.


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