End of Fall season, What should we do?

So are team is done with are fall over under season, now we have time until are spring season, but what should we do to are robot? there are the typical fix the problems that you had in the tournament, but anything else? I was thinking of maybe a full scale redesign but idk if we should do that or not.

Note: My team member asked me a question while writing this, How many bearing flats should each side of robot have? Theirs’s had 4 for each square shaft, but shouldn’t two be fine?

Usually a full rebuild is a good idea. Just kake sure everything works before going to a comp. Also you need a beaeing flat at each spot were an axel goes through a channel. So you arw right 2 is the right amount. Also if the shaf goes into a motor you dont need a bearing on the motor side as the motor acts like an axel aliner.

Two bearing flats on the outer side of a c-channel/any metal ( depends on mechanism) will work. As long as the shaft collars are next to the bearings so there’s no metal-to-metal contact, it should work.

Two bearings is definitely the way to go.

Rebuilding your robot should be a team decision where you should weigh the pros and cons. If your robot worked like you wanted it to and you have no desired large changes don’t rebuild. If you think a rebuild will improve your robot significantly to improve competition results, then rebuild.