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My team is brand new this year and wanted to build an endgame blocker. We don’t have pneumatics. Is there a good way to go have a endgame blocker that can sit flat on top of our robot while during the main game, then spring up in endgame to block others endgames and permit access to the string launchers mounted under the blocker when the block is in “down” position.

A motor that releases it…

If you’re using a motor I’d look at tower takeover traybot designs and see how they lifted a tray which can then be applied to your use of lifting an endgame blocker.


You could square made of c-channel with VEX treads acting as a net in the middle. Then attach that to a motor that rotates up when you want your blocker to deploy. Under that you could have your launchers (there are already plenty of ideas for those that don’t require pneumatics). Keep in mind that this only works if you position yourself directly in front of the robot you are blocking and it is only effective if it can only shoot in one direction.

There are multiple video’s of endgame blockers online, I’m sure you can look at those and figure out how to modify those designs to fit your robot. You can make a pneumatic mechanism work with a motor, you just need to experiment with different methods. Please do some research before asking on the forums, very few people will just hand you a design that they worked hard on.

Some resources to get you started:
The Vex CAD Server
Streams of signature events

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