If we shot endgame and if gets caught up in wheels does it count as entanglement and best endgame ideas

Please read the game manual before asking a question. Specifically G12 D has your answer.

Definition of entanglement

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Another word of advice and this goes to all people with a “Is so and so legal?” question: Please use control f when looking at the manual and type in keywords for your question there

For example: if you want to know how many disks your robot can hold at once you would press control f in the manual and type in “disk”. This will show you the places in the manual where it mentions that.

If you for some reason cannot find the rule you are looking for when doing that, read the entire manual again.


In order to encourage newcomers to do this, many of us “old-timers” on the forum will post a simple “Read the manual” or “where have you checked to find this out” without providing the exact answer chapter-and-verse. Finding information from primary sources is a key life skill, not just for robotics.

Personally, I find these types of posts (the equivalent of “In basketball, how many points is a free-throw?”) disrespectful. Posts like this provide no evidence that the person spent any effort looking for the answer beyond making the actual post. If someone can’t do the bare minimum effort to find an answer, why should the forum spend the time responding. These posts convey a “My time is more valuable than yours” attitude.

While everyone starts out not knowing anything, showing effort that you’ve tried to figure it out and need help will generate much more goodwill than asking questions that basic research can address.


ok thank you sorry must have missed when I read the manual

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