Endgame expansion anchor?

Hey fellow V5 teams,
Our team is brand new this year and, as I’m sure some of you are experiencing, we don’t have pneumatics. This means we dont have the basic large nuts, no pun intended, from the pneumatics kit that most people use as an anchor for their strings. Any ideas for alternates. Also preferably something that can sit on a stand-off during the time before it shoots

Our team uses the HS strength 48 tooth gear. Other teams I have seen also sometimes use a ziptie loop with lots of normal size nuts on the ziptie.


Do you have these? This is what we use.


a zip tie full of lock nuts or keps nuts works great.
2 or more 12 tooth gears (the metal ones) also works great.
I have seen some teams mangling steel c-channels to make a little ball too.
Just get creative with any heavy thing you can find in your lab


We use 2 plus gussets and 4 12-tooth gears with the string in between the gears.