Endgame Strategies

At some of the slapshot competitions I have been to, they all chose to reach over for points at the last possible second. Can you reach over with 5 seconds left or does it have to be right before the buzzer sounds?

It can literally be at almost any time in a match, and if this is skills it will end ur game the moment you deploy your endgame, but if this is teamwork it can be any time.

Rule <G13> in the game manual will answer your question. Remember that the game manual only says what you can’t do and what you have to do, it doesn’t say what you can do.


There is no mention of stopping early for skills in the game manual, just for alliance matches (<T6>)

I am talking about alliance matches like when your alliance is still shooting and you don’t have anything else you can do. If there is ten seconds left then reaching over wouldn’t affect anything your alliance does afterwards, would it?

Is there anything in the game manual that leads you to believe your actions would affect your alliance’s ability to score more points?

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No, not really. I just wanted to get a second opinion after reading the manual top to bottom to make sure I didn’t miss anything. It would be terrible to go all the way to Dallas and then realize that we are committing a major rule violation and then get disqualified.