Endgame String Friction Problem

Hello, we just built a new endgame expansion. Without string, the projectile (36 tooth gear, not allowed to use pneumatic nut) shoots flawlessly, up to 20 feet. However, it doesn’t shoot so well with string (2-4ft). I think its because of friction, but it might be something else. Thoughts? This the current design.

If you can help find the problem, great, if not it’s completely fine.
(Note: i am currently wrapping the string around me hand for testing, but i get the same result with compartment)

How are you holding your string because our endgame wasn’t launching well until we changed how we held the string?

Your projectile probably isn’t heavy enough to pull the string out behind it. Try something heavier, like a 24T gear or a ziptie with a bunch of nylocks on it.

Thanks, just added it. Problem is fixed

We just fixed the problem, we will definitely try that though